Praia da Vitória

The Marina of Praia is located in the bay of Praia da Vitória, which represents  an important milestone in the history of Portugal: on August 11th 1829 a battle took place in Praia which marked the victory of the Liberals over the Absolutists and the designation of the city (vitória means victory).


The Absolutist regime of King Miguel gained ground and support all over Portugal, except on Terceira Island, which remained loyal to the liberal principles.


Therefore, on August 11 1829, the Absolutist army tried to disembark at Praia’s bay, but did not succeed, as the city was defended by its fortresses and the liberal troops, who achieved victory, leading Queen Maria II to classify the city as “remarkable”.


In 2013, on August 11, a tile panel was opened in the Avenue of Praia da Vitória portraying the battle of August 11 1829 and the invasion attempt by the troops of King Miguel. This panel stresses the historic importance of the absolutists’ defeat and the victory of the liberal ideals on Terceira Island and, afterwards, all over the country.


It is worth mentioning that the current Marina of Praia da Vitória is located where a small fishing port used to exist. This fishing port served local fishermen and therefore a significant part of Praia’s economy. The construction of the current fishing port, near the commercial port of Cabo da Praia, allowed for the reorganisation of the area and the  construction of the marina.


The construction of the fishing port of Praia da Vitória took place in 1927 under the rule of the then Mayor António Jacinto Ázera. The development of this port is largely due to the British and American presence on Terceira Island as of 1943, during World War II. In 1954/55 the North-American forces built a pier still used today in the marina.


The Marina of Praia da Vitória, which ismanaged by the Town Council of Praia da Vitória, opened in 2002 and provided 210 moorings as well as water and electricity. This marina is visited by several yachtsmen of different nationalities, although the most frequent visitors are French, German and British.


This marina lies on the island’s far East, at 38º 43′N and 27º 03´W, and is sheltered by the north and south breakwaters of the city of Praia da Vitória and its lighthouses.


The approach to the port is made towards the exterior breakwaters, alongside the north one. Once in the port, a 310º route will take you to the marina’s entrance, with its two breakwaters. Once the south breakwater is diagonal to starboard, go north. Leave the north breakwater portside.


After going through the breakwaters, one sights the marina’s NW breakwaters between the beaches of Prainha and Praia Grande, as well as the Avenue Beira-Mar. The city can be accessed via a wide pedestrian area, one minute from the centre.


In addition, the bay provides excellent conditions for water sports, such as sailing, windsurf, water ski-ing, motorboating, boat tours, game fishing, diving and whale watching.


Capitão de Porto

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Telefone: 295 540 219
Fax: 295 545 440

Morada: Marina da Praia
9760-412 Praia da Vitória



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