Vila do Porto

So-called the Island of the Sun for its warm, dry weather and its beaches, Santa Maria Island conveys a southern charm. Traditional white chimneys and houses with coloured bars reveal the history of for the island’s first settlers, who came from the south of Portugal. The Island of Santa Maria offers unique landscapes, either dry and calcareous or luxurious, with vineyards. It is the oldest island in the Azores and the only one lying in the African plate. It is also famous for its handicraft and typical pastry.


The Marina of Vila do Porto is located on this island and it is extraordinarily well-blended with the landscape. This marina is very welcoming and its largest triumph is its tranquillity. If you enjoy relaxing environments with an excellent climate, then this is the ideal spot for you. In fact, this has never been a secret. In the old days of Cristopher Columbus, he himself anchored in Santa Maria on his return from the New World, in order to shelter from a storm.

Capitão de Porto

Armando Soares



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