The recently built Marina of Velas offers spectacular views. The beauty of such a maritime discovery is combined with the friendliness of the island’s inhabitants. Shaped as a boat, São Jorge Island is part of the “Triangle Islands”, lying only 22 miles from Horta and 11 miles from São Roque do Pico, thus allowing an interesting boat tour through completely different landscapes and history.


São Jorge Island draws adventurous spirits to its steep slopes and remarkable ravines ending in fertile fajãs. These are so numerous and so different, featuring unusual coffee plantations,lakes and other fajãs which showcase what is left of abandoned settlements. Home to Francisco de Lacerda, São Jorge is both a surfer’s and a trekker’s paradise, and is internationally renowned for these two features. Its cheese production and traditional quilts are also very famous.

Capitão de Porto

José Dias



Rua das Caravelas
9800-536 Velas – São Jorge
Telefone e Fax: (351) 295 432 118